EquiPod Therapy System

The EquiPod Complete System is an easy to use, app controlled and ultra-wearable therapeutic system for your horse. Utilizing an advanced form of microcurrent technology to augment and enhance the recovery of horses suffering from a wide range of injuries and conditions. 

The ‘Repair & Recovery’ programme can be used for most types of injuries. This can be used in combination with the ‘Pain Management’ programme for keeping your horse more comfortable during their recovery or in response to other causes of pain and discomfort. 

The EquiPod also has a ‘Maintenance & Wellbeing’ programme which can be used to help promote general health and functional well being of joints and soft tissues.

1 × EquiPod Device

1 × USB Charging Cable

2 × EquiPod Electrode Pads

1 x Electrode Pad Lead Wire

1 × User Manual


1 x EquiPod Conductive Gel- 160ml

1 × EquiPod KorWrap


2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

30-Day money-back guarantee


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