Equine Professionals

The advent of new and improved technologies can serve to benefit the wider equine community with newfound opportunities arising across all areas of the equine world.

  1. Become a certified EquiPod Practitioner
    As market leading experts in bioelectronics, NuroKor Equine is developing an integrated e-learning course that allows selected individuals to become accredited ‘EquiPod Microcurrent Practitioners’. In collaboration with educational institutions we are helping to create new equine career opportunities, whilst helping existing equine professionals to extend their services and expertise.

  2. Equine Vets, Equine Hospitals & Rehabilitation Centres
    NuroKor Bioelectronics has seen a fast growing interest and adoption of microcurrent technology into different clinical settings; including hospitals and wound care centres. As a result NuroKor Equine is able to provide exclusive veterinary packages, enabling the EquiPod technology to be accessed and easily utilized for the recovery of equine patients.

  3. Equine Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths & Massage Therapists
    Any manual or physical equine therapist can incorporate the additional benefits of EquiPod advanced microcurrent into their existing treatments and practices. The EquiPod can be used during the treatment sessions, or as a rental service between each visit to provide clients with therapeutic benefits between each yard visit. This can help ensure the best possible outcome for your equine clients, whilst helping to differentiate your services from other.

  4. Competition Yards, Livery Yards & Equestrian Centres.
    If you wish to provide the most comprehensive service to your liveries or owners, we can provide bespoke yard packages to cater to the size and needs of each yard. As the EquiPod app can be used across multiple devices at once, we can find the most time and cost efficient way to ensure that all horses in each yard are able to receive regular EquiPod treatments.

  5. Trainers, Instructors, Saddle Fitters, Farriers, Dentists, Equine Behaviourists and more
    Any individual with a travelling client base can add value and revenue to their business through the incorporation of the EquiPod to their list of services.For more information regarding any of the above, please contact info@equipod.co.uk

Retailers (Online & In-store):

In addition to providing the latest technology, there are many exclusive benefits to becoming an EquiPod stockist. To find out more please contact info@equipod.co.uk.

Distribution Partners:
For domestic and international distribution enquiries please contact info@equipod.co.uk.

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